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 administrative faculty OF DPS comprises of an overall in-charge of the school management, the administrator, the school accountant, the P.A to the principal, the receptionist and the assistants to authorities. The very efficient functioning of the faculty contributes a great deal in the smooth running of the system in place. The administrative block has various sections like accounts section, the administrator’s office, the reception etc. to undertake the activities associated with the block.

Delhi Public School, Rewari stands on a holistically educative strength contributed by scholarly teachers, the best available in and around the area. Provided with an indomitable spirit of dedication and matchless individuality, the teachers are a group of educators to improve the children with a perfect concept of idealistic education accompanied by the practical view of the modern life. Well versed in their subjects and armed with the capability to deal with the students of various level, these teachers make our school proud and a place of knowledge based competence, compatibility and comradeship. school has large no. of well qualified teachers.

SCHOOL HAS GOT A GOOD infrastructure with all the facilities like:
The school has a well equipped clinic and dispensary situated in the administrative block of the school. A trained nurse is engaged to conduct regular medical checkups of the children with respect to their physical standards, any abnormalcy cropping up or any medical treatment required  by children . The children’s medical record is maintained quite meticulously in the personal files of the children and medical follow up, if any, is duly taken care of. The school invites qualified doctors biannually to conduct necessary medical checkups of children of all the classes and ages. The ailing children are provided medical counseling and treatment without delay as and when  required.

The school has a very efficient transport system with a fleet of 17 newly acquired buses to carry the children from their designated stoppages of the city and near about areas within a vicinity of 30 km. The buses are well maintained and a regular overhauling and pollution checkups are conducted without fail. The bus staff is well trained and is sent for traffic briefing to various recognized centers for traffic seminars and courses.
The Biology, Physics and Chemistry labs are interactive reservoirs arranged to appease children’s curiosity. All the three labs are equipped with modern tools and technique as specified by CBSE guidelines

The school has a computer lab with 25 computers. The school follows the DPS society syllabus for computer to keep our children ahead in this IT-enabled world. Students are given training on advanced softwares like MS-Office, Flash, Web Designing, Visual Basic, Oracle etc. Junior students also take hands on experience on computers by working on wallpapers, screen savers, paint, Logo, Notepad, Calculator etc. Apart from these, computers are also used as a knowledge imparting tool to teach various subjects to students using multimedia CDs.

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